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Economics  2100  (section 01)

Maymester  2007
Monday-Friday  9:00am - 12:00pm
    Atkinson Hall 206

Dr. W. Ken Farr        
Professor of Economics                                 
Office:  Atkinson Hall  Rm. 433
Phone:  (478) 445-4210  

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Lucrative Degrees for College Grads
Article from CNN/MONEY, 4/19/2005

Top 10 degrees in demand
Article from CNN/MONEY, 11/12/2004

Most Lucrative College Degrees
Article from CNN/MONEY, 7/27/2004


Economics for undergraduate college students
(provided by the American Economic Association)

The Economics Major

What Do Economics Majors Do After Graduation?

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About Economics
Economic History Services
Free Lunch Dot Com
GC&SU Learning Center
GC&SU Russell Library
Library of Congress
Prentice Hall's Guide to Student Success in Economics
Tutor2u--Online student learning center
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The Economist
Business Week
Fair Tax.Org
Gasoline Price Information
New York Times
Oil Prices
Tax Foundation.Org

USA Today
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American Economic Association
American Economic Association Site for Undergraduate Students
Bureau of Labor Statistics:  Frequently Asked Questions
CPI:  Frequently Asked Questions.
Data Resources (provided by Economics & Finance Dept)

Economic Calendar
U.S. Federal Reserve System
     Federal Reserve District Banks
     Links to Other Federal Sites
GDP:  Frequently Asked Questions
Links to a Variety of Economic Information
Sports Information
Statistical Abstract of the US
U.S. Economic Data (provided by the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank)

Web Resources for Economists

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Buy Textbooks Online
Free software downloads
Occupational Outlook Handbook
            (Outlook for Economists)
Job Openings for Economists
The Law

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