Economics First Year Seminar         
                                Fall 2016

August 19, 2016         First Class/Introductions/Review Syllabus.  Introduction to economics--
                                    Why major in economics?  Von Mises book.  Career Center assignment. 
Focus 2 Career Assessment Assignment:  Complete the 5 self-
                                    assessments in Focus 2 and bring your Work Interest Assessment results
                                    to class on August 26 in order to participate in a class activity with the
                                    Career Center.  How to create an account and log into FOCUS 2:  New
Visit our webpage at and click on
                                   Focus 2 Career Assessment.”  Click “Register” and create an
                                    account.  Use your email address as your username.
                                    Login with the access code “Thunder”. Returning Users:  Login with your
                                    username and password. (more Career Connections Instructions)

August 26, 2016
         Career Center Presentation/Academic Advisor
September 2, 2016     Hurricane Hermine (class cancelled)

September 9, 2016     Economics program of study.  Degree Works—(Worksheet Tutorial).
    (Degree Works--Planner Tutorial).

September 16, 2016
  Alcohol Education Presentation (Student Health Services).

September 23, 2016    Ludwig von Mises -- Lecture 1 "Capitalism."  
Career Connection Assignment.  Register in Career Connection at -
                                     click on the Career Connection link and use your Bobcats email as your
                                     username. Once registered, you can access your account through
                                     Unify. Once registered, complete the Career Connection Career
                                     Connection Job & Internship Database Assignment.

September 30, 2016  Tranguide/GPA/Advisement/Registration/Withdrawal Policy.  
                                    (How to Register)    (Schedule Planning Sheet)
Course Withdrawal Policy)

 October 7, 2016         International education opportunities (Jarris Lanham).  

October 14, 2016
      Ludwig von Mises -- Lecture 2 "Socialism" and Lecture 3 "Interventionism."  
Initial "Program of Study" due today in Degree Works Planner.  (Update "Program of Study" in Degree Works Planner as needed until December 2).

October 21, 2016      Ludwig von Mises -- Lecture 4 "Inflation."  

October 28, 2016      Mansion tour.

November 4, 2016    No class. 
November 11, 2016  Ludwig von Mises -- Lecture 5 "Foreign Investment."   You can still update your “Program of Study” in Degree Works Planner as needed. 

November 18, 2016  Ludwig
von Mises -- Lecture 6 "Politics and Ideas."  You can still update your “Program of Study” in Degree Works Planner as needed.  Return von Mises book today.
November 25, 2016   No Class today  (Thanksgiving week)

December 2, 2016      Meet the department faculty.  Last Class.
                                   Final "Program of Study" due in Degree Works Planner today!
No Further Changes Can Be Made to Program of Study. 
                             Return von Mises book today if not already returned. 

Dr. Farr's email address is: